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#include "cache.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "strbuf.h"
#include "run-command.h"
#include "sigchain.h"
#define DEFAULT_EDITOR "vi"
int is_terminal_dumb(void)
const char *terminal = getenv("TERM");
return !terminal || !strcmp(terminal, "dumb");
const char *git_editor(void)
const char *editor = getenv("GIT_EDITOR");
int terminal_is_dumb = is_terminal_dumb();
if (!editor && editor_program)
editor = editor_program;
if (!editor && !terminal_is_dumb)
editor = getenv("VISUAL");
if (!editor)
editor = getenv("EDITOR");
if (!editor && terminal_is_dumb)
return NULL;
if (!editor)
return editor;
const char *git_sequence_editor(void)
const char *editor = getenv("GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR");
if (!editor)
git_config_get_string_const("sequence.editor", &editor);
if (!editor)
editor = git_editor();
return editor;
static int launch_specified_editor(const char *editor, const char *path,
struct strbuf *buffer, const char *const *env)
if (!editor)
return error("Terminal is dumb, but EDITOR unset");
if (strcmp(editor, ":")) {
const char *args[] = { editor, real_path(path), NULL };
struct child_process p = CHILD_PROCESS_INIT;
int ret, sig;
int print_waiting_for_editor = advice_waiting_for_editor && isatty(2);
if (print_waiting_for_editor) {
* A dumb terminal cannot erase the line later on. Add a
* newline to separate the hint from subsequent output.
* Make sure that our message is separated with a whitespace
* from further cruft that may be written by the editor.
const char term = is_terminal_dumb() ? '\n' : ' ';
_("hint: Waiting for your editor to close the file...%c"),
p.argv = args;
p.env = env;
p.use_shell = 1;
if (start_command(&p) < 0)
return error("unable to start editor '%s'", editor);
sigchain_push(SIGINT, SIG_IGN);
sigchain_push(SIGQUIT, SIG_IGN);
ret = finish_command(&p);
sig = ret - 128;
if (sig == SIGINT || sig == SIGQUIT)
if (ret)
return error("There was a problem with the editor '%s'.",
if (print_waiting_for_editor && !is_terminal_dumb())
* Go back to the beginning and erase the entire line to
* avoid wasting the vertical space.
fputs("\r\033[K", stderr);
if (!buffer)
return 0;
if (strbuf_read_file(buffer, path, 0) < 0)
return error_errno("could not read file '%s'", path);
return 0;
int launch_editor(const char *path, struct strbuf *buffer, const char *const *env)
return launch_specified_editor(git_editor(), path, buffer, env);
int launch_sequence_editor(const char *path, struct strbuf *buffer,
const char *const *env)
return launch_specified_editor(git_sequence_editor(), path, buffer, env);