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#ifndef TRAILER_H
#define TRAILER_H
struct trailer_info {
* True if there is a blank line before the location pointed to by
* trailer_start.
int blank_line_before_trailer;
* Pointers to the start and end of the trailer block found. If there
* is no trailer block found, these 2 pointers point to the end of the
* input string.
const char *trailer_start, *trailer_end;
* Array of trailers found.
char **trailers;
size_t trailer_nr;
void process_trailers(const char *file, int in_place, int trim_empty,
struct string_list *trailers);
void trailer_info_get(struct trailer_info *info, const char *str);
void trailer_info_release(struct trailer_info *info);
#endif /* TRAILER_H */