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Git v2.6.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.6.3
* The "configure" script did not test for -lpthread correctly, which
upset some linkers.
* Add support for talking http/https over socks proxy.
* Portability fix for Windows, which may rewrite $SHELL variable using
non-POSIX paths.
* We now consistently allow all hooks to ignore their standard input,
rather than having git complain of SIGPIPE.
* Fix shell quoting in contrib script.
* Test portability fix for a topic in v2.6.1.
* Allow tilde-expansion in some http config variables.
* Give a useful special case "diff/show --word-diff-regex=." as an
example in the documentation.
* Fix for a corner case in filter-branch.
* Make git-p4 work on a detached head.
* Documentation clarification for "check-ignore" without "--verbose".
* Just like the working tree is cleaned up when the user cancelled
submission in P4Submit.applyCommit(), clean up the mess if "p4
submit" fails.
* Having a leftover .idx file without corresponding .pack file in
the repository hurts performance; "git gc" learned to prune them.
* The code to prepare the working tree side of temporary directory
for the "dir-diff" feature forgot that symbolic links need not be
copied (or symlinked) to the temporary area, as the code already
special cases and overwrites them. Besides, it was wrong to try
computing the object name of the target of symbolic link, which may
not even exist or may be a directory.
* There was no way to defeat a configured rebase.autostash variable
from the command line, as "git rebase --no-autostash" was missing.
* Allow "git interpret-trailers" to run outside of a Git repository.
* Produce correct "dirty" marker for shell prompts, even when we
are on an orphan or an unborn branch.
* Some corner cases have been fixed in string-matching done in "git
* Apple's common crypto implementation of SHA1_Update() does not take
more than 4GB at a time, and we now have a compile-time workaround
for it.
Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code