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Git v1.7.4.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.4.3
* Compilation of sha1_file.c on BSD platforms were broken due to our
recent use of getrlimit() without including <sys/resource.h>.
* "git config" did not diagnose incorrect configuration variable names.
* "git format-patch" did not wrap a long subject line that resulted from
rfc2047 encoding.
* "git instaweb" should work better again with plackup.
* "git log --max-count=4 -Sfoobar" now shows 4 commits that changes the
number of occurrences of string "foobar"; it used to scan only for 4
commits and then emitted only matching ones.
* "git log --first-parent --boundary $c^..$c" segfaulted on a merge.
* "git pull" into an empty branch should have behaved as if
fast-forwarding from emptiness to the version being pulled, with
the usual protection against overwriting untracked files.
* "git submodule" that is run while a merge in the superproject is in
conflicted state tried to process each conflicted submodule up to
three times.
* "git status" spent all the effort to notice racily-clean index entries
but didn't update the index file to help later operations go faster in
some cases.
And other minor fixes and documentation updates.