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Git v1.7.5.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.5.2
* The bash completion scripts should correctly work using zsh's bash
completion emulation layer now.
* Setting $(prefix) in config.mak did not affect where etc/gitconfig
file is read from, even though passing it from the command line of
$(MAKE) did.
* The logic to handle "&" (expand to UNIX username) in GECOS field
miscounted the length of the name it formatted.
* "git cherry-pick -s resolve" failed to cherry-pick a root commit.
* "git diff --word-diff" misbehaved when diff.suppress-blank-empty was
in effect.
* "git log --stdin path" with an input that has additional pathspec
used to corrupt memory.
* "git send-pack" (hence "git push") over smalt-HTTP protocol could
deadlock when the client side pack-object died early.
* Compressed tarball gitweb generates used to be made with the timestamp
of the tarball generation; this was bad because snapshot from the same
tree should result in a same tarball.
And other minor fixes and documentation updates.