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* SHA1 routine optimized to do word accesses rather than byte accesses,
* and to avoid unnecessary copies into the context array.
* This was initially based on the Mozilla SHA1 implementation, although
* none of the original Mozilla code remains.
typedef struct {
unsigned long long size;
unsigned int H[5];
unsigned int W[16];
} blk_SHA_CTX;
void blk_SHA1_Init(blk_SHA_CTX *ctx);
void blk_SHA1_Update(blk_SHA_CTX *ctx, const void *dataIn, unsigned long len);
void blk_SHA1_Final(unsigned char hashout[20], blk_SHA_CTX *ctx);
#define platform_SHA_CTX blk_SHA_CTX
#define platform_SHA1_Init blk_SHA1_Init
#define platform_SHA1_Update blk_SHA1_Update
#define platform_SHA1_Final blk_SHA1_Final