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test_description='handling of duplicate objects in incoming packfiles'
. ./
# The sha1s we have in our pack. It's important that these have the same
# starting byte, so that they end up in the same fanout section of the index.
# That lets us make sure we are exercising the binary search with both sets.
# And here's a "missing sha1" which will produce failed lookups. It must also
# be in the same fanout section, and should be between the two (so that during
# our binary search, we are sure to end up looking at one or the other of the
# duplicate runs).
# git will never intentionally create packfiles with
# duplicate objects, so we have to construct them by hand.
# $1 is the name of the packfile to create
# $2 is the number of times to duplicate each object
create_pack () {
pack_header "$((2 * $2))" >"$1" &&
for i in $(test_seq 1 "$2"); do
pack_obj $LO_SHA1 &&
pack_obj $HI_SHA1
done >>"$1" &&
pack_trailer "$1"
# double-check that create_pack actually works
test_expect_success 'pack with no duplicates' '
create_pack no-dups.pack 1 &&
git index-pack --stdin <no-dups.pack
test_expect_success 'index-pack will allow duplicate objects by default' '
clear_packs &&
create_pack dups.pack 100 &&
git index-pack --stdin <dups.pack
test_expect_success 'create batch-check test vectors' '
cat >input <<-EOF &&
cat >expect <<-EOF
$LO_SHA1 blob 2
$HI_SHA1 blob 0
$MISSING_SHA1 missing
test_expect_success 'lookup in duplicated pack (binary search)' '
git cat-file --batch-check <input >actual &&
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'lookup in duplicated pack (GIT_USE_LOOKUP)' '
export GIT_USE_LOOKUP &&
git cat-file --batch-check <input >actual
) &&
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'index-pack can reject packs with duplicates' '
clear_packs &&
create_pack dups.pack 2 &&
test_must_fail git index-pack --strict --stdin <dups.pack &&
test_expect_code 1 git cat-file -e $LO_SHA1