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test_description='check bitmap operation with shallow repositories'
. ./
# We want to create a situation where the shallow, grafted
# view of reachability does not match reality in a way that
# might cause us to send insufficient objects.
# We do this with a history that repeats a state, like:
# A -- B -- C
# file=1 file=2 file=1
# and then create a shallow clone to the second commit, B.
# In a non-shallow clone, that would mean we already have
# the tree for A. But in a shallow one, we've grafted away
# A, and fetching A to B requires that the other side send
# us the tree for file=1.
test_expect_success 'setup shallow repo' '
echo 1 >file &&
git add file &&
git commit -m orig &&
echo 2 >file &&
git commit -a -m update &&
git clone --no-local --bare --depth=1 . shallow.git &&
echo 1 >file &&
git commit -a -m repeat
test_expect_success 'turn on bitmaps in the parent' '
git repack -adb
test_expect_success 'shallow fetch from bitmapped repo' '
(cd shallow.git && git fetch)