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# Test for non portable shell scripts
# This script can be called with one or more filenames as parameters
use strict;
use warnings;
my $exit_code=0;
my %func;
sub err {
my $msg = shift;
s/\s+/ /g;
print "$ARGV:$.: error: $msg: $_\n";
$exit_code = 1;
# glean names of shell functions
for my $i (@ARGV) {
open(my $f, '<', $i) or die "$0: $i: $!\n";
while (<$f>) {
$func{$1} = 1 if /^\s*(\w+)\s*\(\)\s*{\s*$/;
close $f;
my $line = '';
while (<>) {
$line .= $_;
# stitch together incomplete lines (those ending with "\")
next if $line =~ s/\\$//;
$_ = $line;
/\bcp\s+-a/ and err 'cp -a is not portable';
/\bsed\s+-[^efn]\s+/ and err 'sed option not portable (use only -n, -e, -f)';
/\becho\s+-[neE]/ and err 'echo with option is not portable (use printf)';
/^\s*declare\s+/ and err 'arrays/declare not portable';
/^\s*[^#]\s*which\s/ and err 'which is not portable (use type)';
/\btest\s+[^=]*==/ and err '"test a == b" is not portable (use =)';
/\bwc -l.*"\s*=/ and err '`"$(wc -l)"` is not portable (use test_line_count)';
/\bhead\s+-c\b/ and err 'head -c is not portable (use test_copy_bytes BYTES <file >out)';
/(?:\$\(seq|^\s*seq\b)/ and err 'seq is not portable (use test_seq)';
/\bgrep\b.*--file\b/ and err 'grep --file FILE is not portable (use grep -f FILE)';
/\bexport\s+[A-Za-z0-9_]*=/ and err '"export FOO=bar" is not portable (use FOO=bar && export FOO)';
/^\s*([A-Z0-9_]+=(\w+|(["']).*?\3)\s+)+(\w+)/ and exists($func{$4}) and
err '"FOO=bar shell_func" assignment extends beyond "shell_func"';
$line = '';
# this resets our $. for each file
close ARGV if eof;
exit $exit_code;