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test_description='revert can handle submodules'
. ./
# Create a revert that moves from HEAD (including any test modifications to
# the work tree) to $1 by first checking out $1 and reverting it. Reverting
# the revert is the transition we test for. We tar the current work tree
# first so we can restore the work tree test setup after doing the checkout
# and revert. We test here that the restored work tree content is identical
# to that at the beginning. The last revert is then tested by the framework.
git_revert () {
git status -su >expect &&
ls -1pR * >>expect &&
tar cf "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/tmp.tar" * &&
git checkout "$1" &&
git revert HEAD &&
rm -rf * &&
tar xf "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/tmp.tar" &&
git status -su >actual &&
ls -1pR * >>actual &&
test_cmp expect actual &&
git revert HEAD
test_submodule_switch "git_revert"