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test_description='pack-object compression configuration'
. ./
# This should be moved to together with the
# copy in t0021 after both topics have graduated to 'master'.
file_size () {
test-tool path-utils file-size "$1"
test_expect_success setup '
printf "%2000000s" X |
git hash-object -w --stdin >object-name &&
# make sure it resulted in a loose object
ob=$(sed -e "s/\(..\).*/\1/" object-name) &&
ject=$(sed -e "s/..\(.*\)/\1/" object-name) &&
test -f .git/objects/$ob/$ject
while read expect config
test_expect_success "pack-objects with $config" '
test_when_finished "rm -f pack-*.*" &&
git $config pack-objects pack <object-name &&
sz=$(file_size pack-*.pack) &&
case "$expect" in
small) test "$sz" -le 100000 ;;
large) test "$sz" -ge 100000 ;;
done <<\EOF
large -c core.compression=0
small -c core.compression=9
large -c core.compression=0 -c pack.compression=0
large -c core.compression=9 -c pack.compression=0
small -c core.compression=0 -c pack.compression=9
small -c core.compression=9 -c pack.compression=9
large -c pack.compression=0
small -c pack.compression=9