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#ifndef RANGE_DIFF_H
#define RANGE_DIFF_H
#include "diff.h"
#include "strvec.h"
struct range_diff_options {
int creation_factor;
unsigned dual_color:1;
unsigned left_only:1, right_only:1;
const struct diff_options *diffopt; /* may be NULL */
const struct strvec *other_arg; /* may be NULL */
* Compare series of commits in `range1` and `range2`, and emit to the
* standard output.
int show_range_diff(const char *range1, const char *range2,
struct range_diff_options *opts);
* Determine whether the given argument is usable as a range argument of `git
* range-diff`, e.g. A..B.
int is_range_diff_range(const char *arg);