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#ifndef TR2_DST_H
#define TR2_DST_H
struct strbuf;
#include "trace2/tr2_sysenv.h"
struct tr2_dst {
enum tr2_sysenv_variable sysenv_var;
int fd;
unsigned int initialized : 1;
unsigned int need_close : 1;
unsigned int too_many_files : 1;
* Disable TRACE2 on the destination. In TRACE2 a destination (DST)
* wraps a file descriptor; it is associated with a TARGET which
* defines the formatting.
void tr2_dst_trace_disable(struct tr2_dst *dst);
* Return the file descriptor for the DST.
* If 0, the dst is closed or disabled.
int tr2_dst_get_trace_fd(struct tr2_dst *dst);
* Return true if the DST is opened for writing.
int tr2_dst_trace_want(struct tr2_dst *dst);
* Write a single line/message to the trace file.
void tr2_dst_write_line(struct tr2_dst *dst, struct strbuf *buf_line);
#endif /* TR2_DST_H */