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#ifndef URL_H
#define URL_H
struct strbuf;
int is_url(const char *url);
int is_urlschemechar(int first_flag, int ch);
char *url_decode(const char *url);
char *url_decode_mem(const char *url, int len);
* Similar to the url_decode_{,mem} methods above, but doesn't assume there
* is a scheme followed by a : at the start of the string. Instead, %-sequences
* before any : are also parsed.
char *url_percent_decode(const char *encoded);
char *url_decode_parameter_name(const char **query);
char *url_decode_parameter_value(const char **query);
void end_url_with_slash(struct strbuf *buf, const char *url);
void str_end_url_with_slash(const char *url, char **dest);
#endif /* URL_H */