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# tcsh completion support for core Git.
# Copyright (C) 2012 Marc Khouzam <>
# Distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0.
# When sourced, this script will generate a new script that uses
# the git-completion.bash script provided by core Git. This new
# script can be used by tcsh to perform git completion.
# The current script also issues the necessary tcsh 'complete'
# commands.
# To use this completion script:
# 0) You need tcsh 6.16.00 or newer.
# 1) Copy both this file and the bash completion script to ${HOME}.
# You _must_ use the name ${HOME}/.git-completion.bash for the
# bash script.
# (e.g. ~/.git-completion.tcsh and ~/.git-completion.bash).
# 2) Add the following line to your .tcshrc/.cshrc:
# source ~/.git-completion.tcsh
# 3) For completion similar to bash, it is recommended to also
# add the following line to your .tcshrc/.cshrc:
# set autolist=ambiguous
# It will tell tcsh to list the possible completion choices.
set __git_tcsh_completion_version = `\echo ${tcsh} | \sed 's/\./ /g'`
if ( ${__git_tcsh_completion_version[1]} < 6 || \
( ${__git_tcsh_completion_version[1]} == 6 && \
${__git_tcsh_completion_version[2]} < 16 ) ) then
echo "git-completion.tcsh: Your version of tcsh is too old, you need version 6.16.00 or newer. Git completion will not work."
unset __git_tcsh_completion_version
set __git_tcsh_completion_original_script = ${HOME}/.git-completion.bash
set __git_tcsh_completion_script = ${HOME}/.git-completion.tcsh.bash
# Check that the user put the script in the right place
if ( ! -e ${__git_tcsh_completion_original_script} ) then
echo "git-completion.tcsh: Cannot find: ${__git_tcsh_completion_original_script}. Git completion will not work."
cat << EOF >! ${__git_tcsh_completion_script}
# This script is GENERATED and will be overwritten automatically.
# Do not modify it directly. Instead, modify git-completion.tcsh
# and source it again.
source ${__git_tcsh_completion_original_script}
# Remove the colon as a completion separator because tcsh cannot handle it
# For file completion, tcsh needs the '/' to be appended to directories.
# By default, the bash script does not do that.
# We can achieve this by using the below compatibility
# method of the git-completion.bash script.
__git_index_file_list_filter ()
# Set COMP_WORDS in a way that can be handled by the bash script.
# The cursor is at the end of parameter #1.
# We must check for a space as the last character which will
# tell us that the previous word is complete and the cursor
# is on the next word.
if [ "\${2: -1}" == " " ]; then
# The last character is a space, so our location is at the end
# of the command-line array
# The last character is not a space, so our location is on the
# last word of the command-line array, so we must decrement the
# count by 1
# Call _git() or _gitk() of the bash script, based on the first argument
if [ \${#COMPREPLY[*]} -eq 0 ]; then
# No completions suggested. In this case, we want tcsh to perform
# standard file completion. However, there does not seem to be way
# to tell tcsh to do that. To help the user, we try to simulate
# file completion directly in this script.
# Known issues:
# - Possible completions are shown with their directory prefix.
# - Completions containing shell variables are not handled.
# - Completions with ~ as the first character are not handled.
# No file completion should be done unless we are completing beyond
# the git sub-command. An improvement on the bash completion :)
if [ \${COMP_CWORD} -gt 1 ]; then
# We don't support ~ expansion: too tricky.
if [ "\${TO_COMPLETE:0:1}" != "~" ]; then
# Use ls so as to add the '/' at the end of directories.
COMPREPLY=(\`ls -dp \${TO_COMPLETE}* 2> /dev/null\`)
# tcsh does not automatically remove duplicates, so we do it ourselves
echo "\${COMPREPLY[*]}" | sort | uniq
# If there is a single completion and it is a directory, we output it
# a second time to trick tcsh into not adding a space after it.
if [ \${#COMPREPLY[*]} -eq 1 ] && [ "\${COMPREPLY[0]: -1}" == "/" ]; then
echo "\${COMPREPLY[*]}"
# Don't need this variable anymore, so don't pollute the users environment
unset __git_tcsh_completion_original_script
complete git 'p,*,`bash ${__git_tcsh_completion_script} git "${COMMAND_LINE}"`,'
complete gitk 'p,*,`bash ${__git_tcsh_completion_script} gitk "${COMMAND_LINE}"`,'