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#ifndef GIT_FSCK_H
#define GIT_FSCK_H
#define FSCK_ERROR 1
#define FSCK_WARN 2
#define FSCK_IGNORE 3
struct fsck_options;
void fsck_set_msg_type(struct fsck_options *options,
const char *msg_id, const char *msg_type);
void fsck_set_msg_types(struct fsck_options *options, const char *values);
int is_valid_msg_type(const char *msg_id, const char *msg_type);
* callback function for fsck_walk
* type is the expected type of the object or OBJ_ANY
* the return value is:
* 0 everything OK
* <0 error signaled and abort
* >0 error signaled and do not abort
typedef int (*fsck_walk_func)(struct object *obj, int type, void *data, struct fsck_options *options);
/* callback for fsck_object, type is FSCK_ERROR or FSCK_WARN */
typedef int (*fsck_error)(struct fsck_options *o,
struct object *obj, int type, const char *message);
int fsck_error_function(struct fsck_options *o,
struct object *obj, int type, const char *message);
struct fsck_options {
fsck_walk_func walk;
fsck_error error_func;
unsigned strict:1;
int *msg_type;
struct oid_array *skiplist;
struct decoration *object_names;
#define FSCK_OPTIONS_DEFAULT { NULL, fsck_error_function, 0, NULL }
#define FSCK_OPTIONS_STRICT { NULL, fsck_error_function, 1, NULL }
/* descend in all linked child objects
* the return value is:
* -1 error in processing the object
* <0 return value of the callback, which lead to an abort
* >0 return value of the first signaled error >0 (in the case of no other errors)
* 0 everything OK
int fsck_walk(struct object *obj, void *data, struct fsck_options *options);
/* If NULL is passed for data, we assume the object is local and read it. */
int fsck_object(struct object *obj, void *data, unsigned long size,
struct fsck_options *options);
* Some fsck checks are context-dependent, and may end up queued; run this
* after completing all fsck_object() calls in order to resolve any remaining
* checks.
int fsck_finish(struct fsck_options *options);