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#ifndef LINE_LOG_H
#define LINE_LOG_H
#include "diffcore.h"
struct rev_info;
struct commit;
/* A range [start,end]. Lines are numbered starting at 0, and the
* ranges include start but exclude end. */
struct range {
long start, end;
/* A set of ranges. The ranges must always be disjoint and sorted. */
struct range_set {
unsigned int alloc, nr;
struct range *ranges;
/* A diff, encoded as the set of pre- and post-image ranges where the
* files differ. A pair of ranges corresponds to a hunk. */
struct diff_ranges {
struct range_set parent;
struct range_set target;
extern void range_set_init(struct range_set *, size_t prealloc);
extern void range_set_release(struct range_set *);
/* Range includes start; excludes end */
extern void range_set_append_unsafe(struct range_set *, long start, long end);
/* New range must begin at or after end of last added range */
extern void range_set_append(struct range_set *, long start, long end);
* In-place pass of sorting and merging the ranges in the range set,
* to sort and make the ranges disjoint.
extern void sort_and_merge_range_set(struct range_set *);
/* Linked list of interesting files and their associated ranges. The
* list must be kept sorted by path.
* For simplicity, even though this is highly redundant, each
* line_log_data owns its 'path'.
struct line_log_data {
struct line_log_data *next;
char *path;
char status;
struct range_set ranges;
int arg_alloc, arg_nr;
const char **args;
struct diff_filepair *pair;
struct diff_ranges diff;
extern void line_log_init(struct rev_info *rev, const char *prefix, struct string_list *args);
extern int line_log_filter(struct rev_info *rev);
extern int line_log_print(struct rev_info *rev, struct commit *commit);
#endif /* LINE_LOG_H */