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#ifndef MEM_POOL_H
#define MEM_POOL_H
struct mp_block {
struct mp_block *next_block;
char *next_free;
char *end;
uintmax_t space[FLEX_ARRAY]; /* more */
struct mem_pool {
struct mp_block *mp_block;
* The amount of available memory to grow the pool by.
* This size does not include the overhead for the mp_block.
size_t block_alloc;
/* The total amount of memory allocated by the pool. */
size_t pool_alloc;
* Alloc memory from the mem_pool.
void *mem_pool_alloc(struct mem_pool *pool, size_t len);
* Allocate and zero memory from the memory pool.
void *mem_pool_calloc(struct mem_pool *pool, size_t count, size_t size);