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#include "unpack-trees.h"
#include "string-list.h"
struct merge_options {
const char *ancestor;
const char *branch1;
const char *branch2;
enum {
} recursive_variant;
const char *subtree_shift;
unsigned buffer_output; /* 1: output at end, 2: keep buffered */
unsigned renormalize : 1;
long xdl_opts;
int verbosity;
int diff_detect_rename;
int merge_detect_rename;
int diff_rename_limit;
int merge_rename_limit;
int rename_score;
int needed_rename_limit;
int show_rename_progress;
int call_depth;
struct strbuf obuf;
struct hashmap current_file_dir_set;
struct string_list df_conflict_file_set;
struct unpack_trees_options unpack_opts;
struct index_state orig_index;
* For dir_rename_entry, directory names are stored as a full path from the
* toplevel of the repository and do not include a trailing '/'. Also:
* dir: original name of directory being renamed
* non_unique_new_dir: if true, could not determine new_dir
* new_dir: final name of directory being renamed
* possible_new_dirs: temporary used to help determine new_dir; see comments
* in get_directory_renames() for details
struct dir_rename_entry {
struct hashmap_entry ent; /* must be the first member! */
char *dir;
unsigned non_unique_new_dir:1;
struct strbuf new_dir;
struct string_list possible_new_dirs;
struct collision_entry {
struct hashmap_entry ent; /* must be the first member! */
char *target_file;
struct string_list source_files;
unsigned reported_already:1;
static inline int merge_detect_rename(struct merge_options *o)
return o->merge_detect_rename >= 0 ? o->merge_detect_rename :
o->diff_detect_rename >= 0 ? o->diff_detect_rename : 1;
/* merge_trees() but with recursive ancestor consolidation */
int merge_recursive(struct merge_options *o,
struct commit *h1,
struct commit *h2,
struct commit_list *ancestors,
struct commit **result);
/* rename-detecting three-way merge, no recursion */
int merge_trees(struct merge_options *o,
struct tree *head,
struct tree *merge,
struct tree *common,
struct tree **result);
* "git-merge-recursive" can be fed trees; wrap them into
* virtual commits and call merge_recursive() proper.
int merge_recursive_generic(struct merge_options *o,
const struct object_id *head,
const struct object_id *merge,
int num_ca,
const struct object_id **ca,
struct commit **result);
void init_merge_options(struct merge_options *o);
struct tree *write_tree_from_memory(struct merge_options *o);
int parse_merge_opt(struct merge_options *out, const char *s);