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# Copyright (c) 2007 Junio C Hamano
test_description='git checkout to switch between branches with symlink<->dir'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
mkdir frotz &&
echo hello >frotz/filfre &&
git add frotz/filfre &&
test_tick &&
git commit -m "master has file frotz/filfre" &&
git branch side &&
echo goodbye >nitfol &&
git add nitfol
test_tick &&
git commit -m "master adds file nitfol" &&
git checkout side &&
git rm --cached frotz/filfre &&
mv frotz xyzzy &&
ln -s xyzzy frotz &&
git add xyzzy/filfre frotz &&
test_tick &&
git commit -m "side moves frotz/ to xyzzy/ and adds frotz->xyzzy/"
test_expect_success 'switch from symlink to dir' '
git checkout master
rm -fr frotz xyzzy nitfol &&
git checkout -f master || exit
test_expect_success 'switch from dir to symlink' '
git checkout side