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Setting up git-multimail on gitolite
``git-multimail`` supports gitolite 3 natively.
The explanations below show an easy way to set up ``git-multimail``,
but leave ``git-multimail`` installed and unconfigured for a while. If
you run gitolite on a production server, it is advised that you
execute the step "Set up the hook" last to avoid confusing your users
in the meantime.
Set up the hook
Log in as your gitolite user.
Create a file ``.gitolite/hooks/common/post-receive`` on your gitolite
account containing (adapt the path, obviously)::
exec /path/to/git-multimail/git-multimail/ "$@"
Make sure it's executable (``chmod +x``). Record the hook in
gitolite setup
First, you have to allow the admin to set Git configuration variables.
As gitolite user, edit the line containing ``GIT_CONFIG_KEYS`` in file
``.gitolite.rc``, to make it look like::
GIT_CONFIG_KEYS => 'multimailhook\..*',
You can now log out and return to your normal user.
In the ``gitolite-admin`` clone, edit the file ``conf/gitolite.conf``
and add::
repo @all
# Not strictly needed as will chose gitolite if
# $GL_USER is set.
config multimailhook.environment = gitolite
config multimailhook.mailingList = # Where emails should be sent
config multimailhook.from = # From address to use
Note that by default, gitolite forbids ``<`` and ``>`` in variable
values (for security/paranoia reasons, see
`compensating for UNSAFE_PATT
in gitolite's documentation for explanations and a way to disable
this). As a consequence, you will not be able to use ``First Last
<>`` as recipient email, but specifying
```` alone works.
Obviously, you can customize all parameters on a per-repository basis by
adding these ``config multimailhook.*`` lines in the section
corresponding to a repository or set of repositories.
To activate ``git-multimail`` on a per-repository basis, do not set
``multimailhook.mailingList`` in the ``@all`` section and set it only
for repositories for which you want ``git-multimail``.
Alternatively, you can set up the ``From:`` field on a per-user basis
by adding a ``BEGIN USER EMAILS``/``END USER EMAILS`` section (see
Specificities of Gitolite for Configuration
Empty configuration variables
With gitolite, the syntax ``config multimailhook.commitList = ""``
unsets the variable instead of setting it to an empty string (see
As a result, there is no way to set a variable to the empty string.
In all most places where an empty value is required, git-multimail
now allows to specify special ``"none"`` value (case-sensitive) to
mean the same.
Alternatively, one can use ``" "`` (a single space) instead of ``""``.
In most cases (in particular ``multimailhook.*List`` variables), this
will be equivalent to an empty string.
If you have a use-case where ``"none"`` is not an acceptable value and
you need ``" "`` or ``""`` instead, please report it as a bug to
Allowing Regular Expressions in Configuration
gitolite has a mechanism to prevent unsafe configuration variable
values, which prevent characters like ``|`` commonly used in regular
expressions. If you do not need the safety feature of gitolite and
need to use regular expressions in your configuration (e.g. for
``multimailhook.refFilter*`` variables), set
<>`__ to a
less restrictive value.
Warning: this will disable ``git-multimail`` during the debug, and
could confuse your users. Don't run on a production server.
To debug configuration issues with ``git-multimail``, you can add the
``--stdout`` option when calling ```` like this::
exec /path/to/git-multimail/git-multimail/ --stdout "$@"
and try pushing from a test repository. You should see the source of
the email that would have been sent in the output of ``git push``.