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delete tempdir
'git subtree rejoin' option to do the same as --rejoin, eg. after a
--prefix doesn't force the subtree correctly in merge/pull:
"-s subtree" should be given an explicit subtree option?
There doesn't seem to be a way to do this. We'd have to
patch git-merge-subtree. Ugh.
(but we could avoid this problem by generating squashes with
exactly the right subtree structure, rather than using
subtree merge...)
add a 'log' subcommand to see what's new in a subtree?
add to-submodule and from-submodule commands
automated tests for --squash stuff
"add" command non-obviously requires a commitid; would be easier if
it had a "pull" sort of mode instead
"pull" and "merge" commands should fail if you've never merged
that --prefix before
docs should provide an example of "add"
note that the initial split doesn't *have* to have a commitid
specified... that's just an optimization
if you try to add (or maybe merge?) with an invalid commitid, you
get a misleading "prefix must end with /" message from
one of the other git tools that git-subtree calls. Should
detect this situation and print the *real* problem.
"pull --squash" should do fetch-synthesize-merge, but instead just
does "pull" directly, which doesn't work at all.
make a 'force-update' that does what 'add' does even if the subtree
already exists. That way we can help people who imported
subtrees "incorrectly" (eg. by just copying in the files) in
the past.
guess --prefix automatically if possible based on pwd
make a 'git subtree grafts' that automatically expands --squash'd
commits so you can see the full history if you want it.