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import os
import subprocess
from git_remote_helpers.util import check_call
def sanitize(rev, sep='\t'):
"""Converts a for-each-ref line to a name/value pair.
splitrev = rev.split(sep)
branchval = splitrev[0]
branchname = splitrev[1].strip()
if branchname.startswith("refs/heads/"):
branchname = branchname[11:]
return branchname, branchval
def is_remote(url):
"""Checks whether the specified value is a remote url.
prefixes = ["http", "file", "git"]
for prefix in prefixes:
if url.startswith(prefix):
return True
return False
class GitRepo(object):
"""Repo object representing a repo.
def __init__(self, path):
"""Initializes a new repo at the given path.
self.path = path
self.head = None
self.revmap = {}
self.local = not is_remote(self.path)
self.gitpath = self.path
self.gitpath = os.path.join(self.path, '.git')
if self.local and not os.path.exists(self.gitpath):
def get_revs(self):
"""Fetches all revs from the remote.
args = ["git", "ls-remote", self.gitpath]
path = ".cached_revs"
ofile = open(path, "w")
check_call(args, stdout=ofile)
output = open(path).readlines()
self.revmap = dict(sanitize(i) for i in output)
if "HEAD" in self.revmap:
del self.revmap["HEAD"]
self.revs = self.revmap.keys()
def get_head(self):
"""Determines the head of a local repo.
if not self.local:
path = os.path.join(self.gitpath, "HEAD")
head = open(path).readline()
self.head, _ = sanitize(head, ' ')