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#ifndef APPLY_H
#define APPLY_H
#include "lockfile.h"
#include "string-list.h"
struct repository;
enum apply_ws_error_action {
enum apply_ws_ignore {
enum apply_verbosity {
verbosity_silent = -1,
verbosity_normal = 0,
verbosity_verbose = 1
* We need to keep track of how symlinks in the preimage are
* manipulated by the patches. A patch to add a/b/c where a/b
* is a symlink should not be allowed to affect the directory
* the symlink points at, but if the same patch removes a/b,
* it is perfectly fine, as the patch removes a/b to make room
* to create a directory a/b so that a/b/c can be created.
* See also "struct string_list symlink_changes" in "struct
* apply_state".
struct apply_state {
const char *prefix;
/* Lock file */
struct lock_file lock_file;
/* These control what gets looked at and modified */
int apply; /* this is not a dry-run */
int cached; /* apply to the index only */
int check; /* preimage must match working tree, don't actually apply */
int check_index; /* preimage must match the indexed version */
int update_index; /* check_index && apply */
int ita_only; /* add intent-to-add entries to the index */
/* These control cosmetic aspect of the output */
int diffstat; /* just show a diffstat, and don't actually apply */
int numstat; /* just show a numeric diffstat, and don't actually apply */
int summary; /* just report creation, deletion, etc, and don't actually apply */
/* These boolean parameters control how the apply is done */
int allow_overlap;
int apply_in_reverse;
int apply_with_reject;
int no_add;
int threeway;
int unidiff_zero;
int unsafe_paths;
/* Other non boolean parameters */
struct repository *repo;
const char *index_file;
enum apply_verbosity apply_verbosity;
const char *fake_ancestor;
const char *patch_input_file;
int line_termination;
struct strbuf root;
int p_value;
int p_value_known;
unsigned int p_context;
/* Exclude and include path parameters */
struct string_list limit_by_name;
int has_include;
/* Various "current state" */
int linenr; /* current line number */
struct string_list symlink_changes; /* we have to track symlinks */
* For "diff-stat" like behaviour, we keep track of the biggest change
* we've seen, and the longest filename. That allows us to do simple
* scaling.
int max_change;
int max_len;
* Records filenames that have been touched, in order to handle
* the case where more than one patches touch the same file.
struct string_list fn_table;
* This is to save reporting routines before using
* set_error_routine() or set_warn_routine() to install muting
* routines when in verbosity_silent mode.
void (*saved_error_routine)(const char *err, va_list params);
void (*saved_warn_routine)(const char *warn, va_list params);
/* These control whitespace errors */
enum apply_ws_error_action ws_error_action;
enum apply_ws_ignore ws_ignore_action;
const char *whitespace_option;
int whitespace_error;
int squelch_whitespace_errors;
int applied_after_fixing_ws;
int apply_parse_options(int argc, const char **argv,
struct apply_state *state,
int *force_apply, int *options,
const char * const *apply_usage);
int init_apply_state(struct apply_state *state,
struct repository *repo,
const char *prefix);
void clear_apply_state(struct apply_state *state);
int check_apply_state(struct apply_state *state, int force_apply);
* Some aspects of the apply behavior are controlled by the following
* bits in the "options" parameter passed to apply_all_patches().
#define APPLY_OPT_INACCURATE_EOF (1<<0) /* accept inaccurate eof */
#define APPLY_OPT_RECOUNT (1<<1) /* accept inaccurate line count */
int apply_all_patches(struct apply_state *state,
int argc, const char **argv,
int options);