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# Translation of git-gui glossary to Italian
# Copyright (C) 2007 Shawn Pearce, et al.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the git package.
# Christian Stimming <>, 2007
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msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: git-gui glossary\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-19 21:43+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-10-10 15:24+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Michele Ballabio <>\n"
"Language-Team: Italian \n"
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#. "English Definition (Dear translator: This file will never be visible to the user! It should only serve as a tool for you, the translator. Nothing more.)"
msgid ""
"English Term (Dear translator: This file will never be visible to the user!)"
msgstr ""
"Traduzione italiana.\n"
"Altri SCM in italiano:\n"
"po (username=guest, password empty),\n"
"view=markup ,\n"
" "
"(username=guest, password empty)"
#. ""
msgid "amend"
msgstr "correggere, correzione"
#. ""
msgid "annotate"
msgstr "annotare, annotazione"
#. "A 'branch' is an active line of development."
msgid "branch [noun]"
msgstr "ramo, diramazione, ramificazione"
#. ""
msgid "branch [verb]"
msgstr "creare ramo, ramificare, diramare"
#. ""
msgid "checkout [noun]"
msgstr "attivazione, checkout, revisione attiva, prelievo (TortoiseCVS)?"
#. "The action of updating the working tree to a revision which was stored in the object database."
msgid "checkout [verb]"
msgstr ""
"attivare, effettuare un checkout, attivare revisione, prelevare "
"(TortoiseCVS), ritirare (TSVN)?"
#. ""
msgid "clone [verb]"
msgstr "clonare"
#. "A single point in the git history."
msgid "commit [noun]"
msgstr "revisione, commit, deposito (TortoiseCVS), invio (TSVN)?"
#. "The action of storing a new snapshot of the project's state in the git history."
msgid "commit [verb]"
msgstr ""
"creare una nuova revisione, archiviare, effettuare un commit, depositare "
"(nel server), fare un deposito (TortoiseCVS), inviare (TSVN)?"
#. ""
msgid "diff [noun]"
msgstr "differenza, confronto, comparazione, raffronto"
#. ""
msgid "diff [verb]"
msgstr "confronta, mostra le differenze"
#. "A fast-forward is a special type of merge where you have a revision and you are merging another branch's changes that happen to be a descendant of what you have."
msgid "fast forward merge"
msgstr "fusione in 'fast-forward', fusione in avanti veloce"
#. "Fetching a branch means to get the branch's head from a remote repository, to find out which objects are missing from the local object database, and to get them, too."
msgid "fetch"
msgstr "recuperare, prelevare, prendere da, recuperare (TSVN)"
#. "A collection of files. The index is a stored version of your working tree."
msgid "index (in git-gui: staging area)"
msgstr "indice"
#. "A successful merge results in the creation of a new commit representing the result of the merge."
msgid "merge [noun]"
msgstr "fusione, unione"
#. "To bring the contents of another branch into the current branch."
msgid "merge [verb]"
msgstr "effettuare la fusione, unire, fondere, eseguire la fusione"
#. ""
msgid "message"
msgstr "messaggio, commento"
#. "Deletes all stale tracking branches under <name>. These stale branches have already been removed from the remote repository referenced by <name>, but are still locally available in 'remotes/<name>'."
msgid "prune"
msgstr "potatura"
#. "Pulling a branch means to fetch it and merge it."
msgid "pull"
msgstr ""
"prendi (recupera) e fondi (unisci)? (in pratica una traduzione di fetch + "
#. "Pushing a branch means to get the branch's head ref from a remote repository, and ... (well, can someone please explain it for mere mortals?)"
msgid "push"
msgstr "propaga"
#. ""
msgid "redo"
msgstr "ripeti, rifai"
#. "An other repository ('remote'). One might have a set of remotes whose branches one tracks."
msgid "remote"
msgstr "remoto"
#. "A collection of refs (?) together with an object database containing all objects which are reachable from the refs... (oops, you've lost me here. Again, please an explanation for mere mortals?)"
msgid "repository"
msgstr "archivio, repository, database? deposito (rapidsvn)?"
#. ""
msgid "reset"
msgstr "ripristinare, annullare, azzerare, ripristinare"
#. ""
msgid "revert"
msgstr ""
"annullare, inverti (rapidsvn), ritorna allo stato precedente, annulla le "
"modifiche della revisione"
#. "A particular state of files and directories which was stored in the object database."
msgid "revision"
msgstr "revisione (TortoiseSVN)"
#. ""
msgid "sign off"
msgstr "sign off, firma"
#. ""
msgid "staging area"
msgstr ""
"area di preparazione, zona di preparazione, modifiche in preparazione? "
"modifiche in allestimento?"
#. ""
msgid "status"
msgstr "stato"
#. "A ref pointing to a tag or commit object"
msgid "tag [noun]"
msgstr "etichetta, etichettatura (TortoiseCVS)"
#. ""
msgid "tag [verb]"
msgstr "etichettare"
#. "A regular git branch that is used to follow changes from another repository."
msgid "tracking branch"
msgstr ""
"duplicato locale di ramo remoto, ramo in 'tracking', ramo inseguitore? ramo "
"di {inseguimento,allineamento,rilevamento,puntamento}?"
#. ""
msgid "undo"
msgstr "annulla"
#. ""
msgid "update"
msgstr "aggiornamento, aggiornare"
#. ""
msgid "verify"
msgstr "verifica, verificare"
#. "The tree of actual checked out files."
msgid "working copy, working tree"
msgstr "directory di lavoro, copia di lavoro"