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Generate patch (see section on generating patches)
Synonym for "-p".
Look recursively in subdirectories; this flag does not
mean anything to commands other than "git-diff-tree";
other diff commands always look at all the subdirectories.
\0 line termination on output
Show only names of changed files.
Same as --name-only, but terminate lines with NUL.
Break complete rewrite changes into pairs of delete and create.
Detect renames.
Detect copies as well as renames.
By default, -C option finds copies only if the original
file of the copy was modified in the same changeset for
performance reasons. This flag makes the command
inspect unmodified files as candidates for the source of
copy. This is a very expensive operation for large
projects, so use it with caution.
Look for differences that contains the change in <string>.
When -S finds a change, show all the changes in that
changeset, not just the files that contains the change
in <string>.
Output the patch in the order specified in the
<orderfile>, which has one shell glob pattern per line.
Swap two inputs; that is, show differences from cache or
on-disk file to tree contents.
For more detailed explanation on these common options, see also
link:diffcore.html[diffcore documentation].