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GIT v1.5.0.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.5.0.2
* Bugfixes
- 'git.el' honors the commit coding system from the configuration.
- 'blameview' in contrib/ correctly digs deeper when a line is
- 'http-push' correctly makes sure the remote side has leading
path. Earlier it started in the middle of the path, and
- 'git-merge' did not exit with non-zero status when the
working tree was dirty and cannot fast forward. It does
- 'cvsexportcommit' does not lose yet-to-be-used message file.
- int-vs-size_t typefix when running combined diff on files
over 2GB long.
- 'git apply --whitespace=strip' should not touch unmodified
- 'git-mailinfo' choke when a logical header line was too long.
- 'git show A..B' did not error out. Negative ref ("not A" in
this example) does not make sense for the purpose of the
command, so now it errors out.
- 'git fmt-merge-msg --file' without file parameter did not
correctly error out.
- 'git archimport' barfed upon encountering a commit without
- 'git index-pack' did not protect itself from getting a short
read out of pread(2).
- 'git http-push' had a few buffer overruns.
- Build dependency fixes to rebuild fetch.o when other headers
* Documentation updates
- user-manual updates.
- Options to 'git remote add' were described insufficiently.
- Configuration format.suffix was not documented.
- Other formatting and spelling fixes.