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GIT v1.6.1.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.6.1.2
* "git diff --binary | git apply" pipeline did not work well when
a binary blob is changed to a symbolic link.
* Some combinations of -b/-w/--ignore-space-at-eol to "git diff" did
not work as expected.
* "git grep" did not pass the -I (ignore binary) option when
calling out an external grep program.
* "git log" and friends include HEAD to the set of starting points
when --all is given. This makes a difference when you are not
on any branch.
* "git mv" to move an untracked file to overwrite a tracked
contents misbehaved.
* "git merge -s octopus" with many potential merge bases did not
work correctly.
* RPM binary package installed the html manpages in a wrong place.
Also includes minor documentation fixes and updates.