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GIT v1.6.4.1 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.6.4
* An unquoted value in the configuration file, when it contains more than
one whitespaces in a row, got them replaced with a single space.
* "git am" used to accept a single piece of e-mail per file (not a mbox)
as its input, but multiple input format support in v1.6.4 broke it.
Apparently many people have been depending on this feature.
* The short help text for "git filter-branch" command was a single long
line, wrapped by terminals, and was hard to read.
* The "recursive" strategy of "git merge" segfaulted when a merge has
more than one merge-bases, and merging of these merge-bases involves
a rename/rename or a rename/add conflict.
* "git pull --rebase" did not use the right fork point when the
repository has already fetched from the upstream that rewinds the
branch it is based on in an earlier fetch.
* Explain the concept of fast-forward more fully in "git push"
documentation, and hint to refer to it from an error message when the
command refuses an update to protect the user.
* The default value for pack.deltacachesize, used by "git repack", is now
256M, instead of unbounded. Otherwise a repack of a moderately sized
repository would needlessly eat into swap.
* Document how "git repack" (hence "git gc") interacts with a repository
that borrows its objects from other repositories (e.g. ones created by
"git clone -s").
* "git show" on an annotated tag lacked a delimiting blank line between
the tag itself and the contents of the object it tags.
* "git verify-pack -v" erroneously reported number of objects with too
deep delta depths as "chain length 0" objects.
* Long names of authors and committers outside US-ASCII were sometimes
incorrectly shown in "gitweb".
Other minor documentation updates are included.