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Git v1.6.5.6 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.6.5.5
* "git add -p" had a regression since v1.6.5.3 that broke deletion of
non-empty files.
* "git archive -o -- Makefile" produced an archive in
but in POSIX tar format.
* Error message given to "git pull --rebase" when the user didn't give
enough clue as to what branch to integrate with still talked about
"merging with" the branch.
* Error messages given by "git merge" when the merge resulted in a
fast-forward still were in plumbing lingo, even though in v1.6.5
we reworded messages in other cases.
* The post-upload-hook run by upload-pack in response to "git fetch" has
been removed, due to security concerns (the hook first appeared in