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Git v1.7.0.1 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.0
* In a freshly created repository "rev-parse HEAD^0" complained that
it is dangling symref, even though "rev-parse HEAD" didn't.
* "git show :no-such-name" tried to access the index without bounds
check, leading to a potential segfault.
* Message from "git cherry-pick" was harder to read and use than necessary
when it stopped due to conflicting changes.
* We referred to ".git/refs/" throughout the documentation when we
meant to talk about abstract notion of "ref namespace". Because
people's repositories often have packed refs these days, this was
* "git diff --output=/path/that/cannot/be/written" did not correctly
error out.
* "git grep -e -pattern-that-begin-with-dash paths..." could not be
spelled as "git grep -- -pattern-that-begin-with-dash paths..." which
would be a GNU way to use "--" as "end of options".
* "git grep" compiled with threading support tried to access an
uninitialized mutex on boxes with a single CPU.
* "git stash pop -q --index" failed because the unnecessary --index
option was propagated to "git stash drop" that is internally run at the
And other minor fixes and documentation updates.