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Git v1.8.0.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.8.0.1
* Various codepaths have workaround for a common misconfiguration to
spell "UTF-8" as "utf8", but it was not used uniformly. Most
notably, mailinfo (which is used by "git am") lacked this support.
* We failed to mention a file without any content change but whose
permission bit was modified, or (worse yet) a new file without any
content in the "git diff --stat" output.
* When "--stat-count" hides a diffstat for binary contents, the total
number of added and removed lines at the bottom was computed
* When "--stat-count" hides a diffstat for unmerged paths, the total
number of affected files at the bottom of the "diff --stat" output
was computed incorrectly.
* "diff --shortstat" miscounted the total number of affected files
when there were unmerged paths.
* "git p4" used to try expanding malformed "$keyword$" that spans
across multiple lines.
* "git update-ref -d --deref SYM" to delete a ref through a symbolic
ref that points to it did not remove it correctly.
* Syntax highlighting in "gitweb" was not quite working.
Also contains other minor fixes and documentation updates.