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Git v2.0.1 Release Notes
* We used to unconditionally disable the pager in the pager process
we spawn to feed out output, but that prevented people who want to
run "less" within "less" from doing so.
* Tools that read diagnostic output in our standard error stream do
not want to see terminal control sequence (e.g. erase-to-eol).
Detect them by checking if the standard error stream is connected
to a tty.
* Reworded the error message given upon a failure to open an existing
loose object file due to e.g. permission issues; it was reported as
the object being corrupt, but that is not quite true.
* "git log -2master" is a common typo that shows two commits starting
from whichever random branch that is not 'master' that happens to
be checked out currently.
* The "%<(10,trunc)%s" pretty format specifier in the log family of
commands is used to truncate the string to a given length (e.g. 10
in the example) with padding to column-align the output, but did
not take into account that number of bytes and number of display
columns are different.
* The "mailmap.file" configuration option did not support the tilde
expansion (i.e. ~user/path and ~/path).
* The completion scripts (in contrib/) did not know about quite a few
options that are common between "git merge" and "git pull", and a
couple of options unique to "git merge".
* "--ignore-space-change" option of "git apply" ignored the spaces
at the beginning of line too aggressively, which is inconsistent
with the option of the same name "diff" and "git diff" have.
* "git blame" miscounted number of columns needed to show localized
timestamps, resulting in jaggy left-side-edge of the source code
lines in its output.
* "git blame" assigned the blame to the copy in the working-tree if
the repository is set to core.autocrlf=input and the file used CRLF
line endings.
* "git commit --allow-empty-message -C $commit" did not work when the
commit did not have any log message.
* "git diff --find-copies-harder" sometimes pretended as if the mode
bits have changed for paths that are marked with assume-unchanged
* "git format-patch" did not enforce the rule that the "--follow"
option from the log/diff family of commands must be used with
exactly one pathspec.
* "git gc --auto" was recently changed to run in the background to
give control back early to the end-user sitting in front of the
terminal, but it forgot that housekeeping involving reflogs should
be done without other processes competing for accesses to the refs.
* "git grep -O" to show the lines that hit in the pager did not work
well with case insensitive search. We now spawn "less" with its
"-I" option when it is used as the pager (which is the default).
* We used to disable threaded "git index-pack" on platforms without
thread-safe pread(); use a different workaround for such
platforms to allow threaded "git index-pack".
* The error reporting from "git index-pack" has been improved to
distinguish missing objects from type errors.
* "git mailinfo" used to read beyond the end of header string while
parsing an incoming e-mail message to extract the patch.
* On a case insensitive filesystem, merge-recursive incorrectly
deleted the file that is to be renamed to a name that is the same
except for case differences.
* "git pack-objects" unnecessarily copied the previous contents when
extending the hashtable, even though it will populate the table
from scratch anyway.
* "git rerere forget" did not work well when merge.conflictstyle
was set to a non-default value.
* "git remote rm" and "git remote prune" can involve removing many
refs at once, which is not a very efficient thing to do when very
many refs exist in the packed-refs file.
* "git log --exclude=<glob> --all | git shortlog" worked as expected,
but "git shortlog --exclude=<glob> --all", which is supposed to be
identical to the above pipeline, was not accepted at the command
line argument parser level.
* The autostash mode of "git rebase -i" did not restore the dirty
working tree state if the user aborted the interactive rebase by
emptying the insn sheet.
* "git show -s" (i.e. show log message only) used to incorrectly emit
an extra blank line after a merge commit.
* "git status", even though it is a read-only operation, tries to
update the index with refreshed lstat(2) info to optimize future
accesses to the working tree opportunistically, but this could
race with a "read-write" operation that modify the index while it
is running. Detect such a race and avoid overwriting the index.
* "git status" (and "git commit") behaved as if changes in a modified
submodule are not there if submodule.*.ignore configuration is set,
which was misleading. The configuration is only to unclutter diff
output during the course of development, and should not to hide
changes in the "status" output to cause the users forget to commit
* The mode to run tests with HTTP server tests disabled was broken.