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Git v2.4.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.4.3
* Error messages from "git branch" called remote-tracking branches as
"remote branches".
* "git rerere forget" in a repository without rerere enabled gave a
cryptic error message; it should be a silent no-op instead.
* "git pull --log" and "git pull --no-log" worked as expected, but
"git pull --log=20" did not.
* The pull.ff configuration was supposed to override the merge.ff
configuration, but it didn't.
* The code to read pack-bitmap wanted to allocate a few hundred
pointers to a structure, but by mistake allocated and leaked memory
enough to hold that many actual structures. Correct the allocation
size and also have it on stack, as it is small enough.
* Various documentation mark-up fixes to make the output more
consistent in general and also make AsciiDoctor (an alternative
formatter) happier.
* "git bundle verify" did not diagnose extra parameters on the
command line.
* Multi-ref transaction support we merged a few releases ago
unnecessarily kept many file descriptors open, risking to fail with
resource exhaustion.
* The ref API did not handle cases where 'refs/heads/xyzzy/frotz' is
removed at the same time as 'refs/heads/xyzzy' is added (or vice
versa) very well.
* The "log --decorate" enhancement in Git 2.4 that shows the commit
at the tip of the current branch e.g. "HEAD -> master", did not
work with --decorate=full.
* There was a commented-out (instead of being marked to expect
failure) test that documented a breakage that was fixed since the
test was written; turn it into a proper test.
* core.excludesfile (defaulting to $XDG_HOME/git/ignore) is supposed
to be overridden by repository-specific .git/info/exclude file, but
the order was swapped from the beginning. This belatedly fixes it.
* The connection initiation code for "ssh" transport tried to absorb
differences between the stock "ssh" and Putty-supplied "plink" and
its derivatives, but the logic to tell that we are using "plink"
variants were too loose and falsely triggered when "plink" appeared
anywhere in the path (e.g. "/home/me/bin/uplink/ssh").
* "git rebase -i" moved the "current" command from "todo" to "done" a
bit too prematurely, losing a step when a "pick" did not even start.
* "git add -e" did not allow the user to abort the operation by
killing the editor.
* Git 2.4 broke setting verbosity and progress levels on "git clone"
with native transports.
* Some time ago, "git blame" (incorrectly) lost the convert_to_git()
call when synthesizing a fake "tip" commit that represents the
state in the working tree, which broke folks who record the history
with LF line ending to make their project portabile across
platforms while terminating lines in their working tree files with
CRLF for their platform.
* Code clean-up for xdg configuration path support.
Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code