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Git v2.7.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.7.1
* The low-level merge machinery has been taught to use CRLF line
termination when inserting conflict markers to merged contents that
are themselves CRLF line-terminated.
* "git worktree" had a broken code that attempted to auto-fix
possible inconsistency that results from end-users moving a
worktree to different places without telling Git (the original
repository needs to maintain backpointers to its worktrees, but
"mv" run by end-users who are not familiar with that fact will
obviously not adjust them), which actually made things worse
when triggered.
* "git push --force-with-lease" has been taught to report if the push
needed to force (or fast-forwarded).
* The emulated "yes" command used in our test scripts has been
tweaked not to spend too much time generating unnecessary output
that is not used, to help those who test on Windows where it would
not stop until it fills the pipe buffer due to lack of SIGPIPE.
* The vimdiff backend for "git mergetool" has been tweaked to arrange
and number buffers in the order that would match the expectation of
majority of people who read left to right, then top down and assign
buffers 1 2 3 4 "mentally" to local base remote merge windows based
on that order.
* The documentation for "git clean" has been corrected; it mentioned
that .git/modules/* are removed by giving two "-f", which has never
been the case.
* Paths that have been told the index about with "add -N" are not
quite yet in the index, but a few commands behaved as if they
already are in a harmful way.
Also includes tiny documentation and test updates.