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test_description='git-add -u with path limiting
This test creates a working tree state with three files:
top (previously committed, modified)
dir/sub (previously committed, modified)
dir/other (untracked)
and issues a git-add -u with path limiting on "dir" to add
only the updates to dir/sub.'
. ./
test_expect_success 'setup' '
echo initial >top &&
mkdir dir &&
echo initial >dir/sub &&
git-add dir/sub top &&
git-commit -m initial &&
echo changed >top &&
echo changed >dir/sub &&
echo other >dir/other
test_expect_success 'update' 'git-add -u dir'
test_expect_success 'update touched correct path' \
'test "`git-diff-files --name-status dir/sub`" = ""'
test_expect_success 'update did not touch other tracked files' \
'test "`git-diff-files --name-status top`" = "M top"'
test_expect_success 'update did not touch untracked files' \
'test "`git-diff-files --name-status dir/other`" = ""'