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# Copyright (c) 2006 Eric Wong
test_description='git-svn property tests'
. ./
mkdir import
cd import
cat >> kw.c <<\EOF
/* Somebody prematurely put a keyword into this file */
/* $Id$ */
printf "Hello\r\nWorld\r\n" > crlf
a_crlf=`git-hash-object -w crlf`
printf "Hello\rWorld\r" > cr
a_cr=`git-hash-object -w cr`
printf "Hello\nWorld\n" > lf
a_lf=`git-hash-object -w lf`
printf "Hello\r\nWorld" > ne_crlf
a_ne_crlf=`git-hash-object -w ne_crlf`
printf "Hello\nWorld" > ne_lf
a_ne_lf=`git-hash-object -w ne_lf`
printf "Hello\rWorld" > ne_cr
a_ne_cr=`git-hash-object -w ne_cr`
touch empty
a_empty=`git-hash-object -w empty`
printf "\n" > empty_lf
a_empty_lf=`git-hash-object -w empty_lf`
printf "\r" > empty_cr
a_empty_cr=`git-hash-object -w empty_cr`
printf "\r\n" > empty_crlf
a_empty_crlf=`git-hash-object -w empty_crlf`
svn import -m 'import for git-svn' . "$svnrepo" >/dev/null
cd ..
rm -rf import
test_expect_success 'checkout working copy from svn' "svn co $svnrepo test_wc"
test_expect_success 'setup some commits to svn' \
'cd test_wc &&
echo Greetings >> kw.c &&
svn commit -m "Not yet an Id" &&
svn up &&
echo Hello world >> kw.c &&
svn commit -m "Modified file, but still not yet an Id" &&
svn up &&
svn propset svn:keywords Id kw.c &&
svn commit -m "Propset Id" &&
svn up &&
cd ..'
test_expect_success 'initialize git-svn' "git-svn init $svnrepo"
test_expect_success 'fetch revisions from svn' 'git-svn fetch'
name='test svn:keywords ignoring'
test_expect_success "$name" \
'git checkout -b mybranch remotes/git-svn &&
echo Hi again >> kw.c &&
git commit -a -m "test keywoards ignoring" &&
git-svn commit remotes/git-svn..mybranch &&
git pull . remotes/git-svn'
expect='/* $Id$ */'
got="`sed -ne 2p kw.c`"
test_expect_success 'raw $Id$ found in kw.c' "test '$expect' = '$got'"
test_expect_success "propset CR on crlf files" \
'cd test_wc &&
svn propset svn:eol-style CR empty &&
svn propset svn:eol-style CR crlf &&
svn propset svn:eol-style CR ne_crlf &&
svn commit -m "propset CR on crlf files" &&
svn up &&
cd ..'
test_expect_success 'fetch and pull latest from svn and checkout a new wc' \
"git-svn fetch &&
git pull . remotes/git-svn &&
svn co $svnrepo new_wc"
for i in crlf ne_crlf lf ne_lf cr ne_cr empty_cr empty_lf empty empty_crlf
test_expect_success "Comparing $i" "cmp $i new_wc/$i"
cd test_wc
printf '$Id$\rHello\rWorld\r' > cr
printf '$Id$\rHello\rWorld' > ne_cr
a_cr=`printf '$Id$\r\nHello\r\nWorld\r\n' | git-hash-object --stdin`
a_ne_cr=`printf '$Id$\r\nHello\r\nWorld' | git-hash-object --stdin`
test_expect_success 'Set CRLF on cr files' \
'svn propset svn:eol-style CRLF cr &&
svn propset svn:eol-style CRLF ne_cr &&
svn propset svn:keywords Id cr &&
svn propset svn:keywords Id ne_cr &&
svn commit -m "propset CRLF on cr files" &&
svn up'
cd ..
test_expect_success 'fetch and pull latest from svn' \
'git-svn fetch && git pull . remotes/git-svn'
b_cr="`git-hash-object cr`"
b_ne_cr="`git-hash-object ne_cr`"
test_expect_success 'CRLF + $Id$' "test '$a_cr' = '$b_cr'"
test_expect_success 'CRLF + $Id$ (no newline)' "test '$a_ne_cr' = '$b_ne_cr'"