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test_description='rebase should not insist on git message convention'
. ./
cat >F <<\EOF
This is an example of a commit log message
that does not conform to git commit convention.
It has two paragraphs, but its first paragraph is not friendly
to oneline summary format.
test_expect_success setup '
>file1 &&
>file2 &&
git add file1 file2 &&
test_tick &&
git commit -m "Initial commit" &&
git checkout -b side &&
cat F >file2 &&
git add file2 &&
test_tick &&
git commit -F F &&
git cat-file commit HEAD | sed -e "1,/^\$/d" >F0 &&
git checkout master &&
echo One >file1 &&
test_tick &&
git add file1 &&
git commit -m "Second commit"
test_expect_success rebase '
git rebase master side &&
git cat-file commit HEAD | sed -e "1,/^\$/d" >F1 &&
diff -u F0 F1 &&
diff -u F F0