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# Copyright (c) 2007 Eric Wong
test_description='git-svn dcommit can commit renames of files with ugly names'
. ./
test_expect_success 'load repository with strange names' "
svnadmin load -q $rawsvnrepo < ../t9115/funky-names.dump &&
test_expect_success 'init and fetch repository' "
git svn init $svnrepo &&
git svn fetch &&
git reset --hard git-svn
test_expect_success 'create file in existing ugly and empty dir' '
mkdir "#{bad_directory_name}" &&
echo hi > "#{bad_directory_name}/ foo" &&
git update-index --add "#{bad_directory_name}/ foo" &&
git commit -m "new file in ugly parent" &&
git svn dcommit
test_expect_success 'rename ugly file' '
git mv "#{bad_directory_name}/ foo" "file name with feces" &&
git commit -m "rename ugly file" &&
git svn dcommit
test_expect_success 'rename pretty file' '
echo :x > pretty &&
git update-index --add pretty &&
git commit -m "pretty :x" &&
git svn dcommit &&
mkdir regular_dir_name &&
git mv pretty regular_dir_name/pretty &&
git commit -m "moved pretty file" &&
git svn dcommit
test_expect_success 'rename pretty file into ugly one' '
git mv regular_dir_name/pretty "#{bad_directory_name}/ booboo" &&
git commit -m booboo &&
git svn dcommit