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# this script sets up a Subversion repository for Makefile in the
# first ever git merge, as if it were done with svk.
set -e
svk depotmap foo ~/.svk/foo
svk co /foo/ foo
cd foo
mkdir trunk
mkdir branches
svk add trunk branches
svk commit -m "Setup trunk and branches"
cd trunk
git cat-file blob 6683463e:Makefile > Makefile
svk add Makefile
svk commit -m "ancestor"
cd ..
svk cp trunk branches/left
svk commit -m "make left branch"
cd branches/left/
git cat-file blob 5873b67e:Makefile > Makefile
svk commit -m "left update 1"
cd ../../trunk
git cat-file blob 75118b13:Makefile > Makefile
svk commit -m "trunk update"
cd ../branches/left
git cat-file blob b5039db6:Makefile > Makefile
svk commit -m "left update 2"
cd ../../trunk
svk sm /foo/branches/left
# in theory we could delete the "left" branch here, but it's not
# required so don't do it, in case people start getting ideas ;)
svk commit -m "merge branch 'left' into 'trunk'"
git cat-file blob b51ad431:Makefile > Makefile
svk diff Makefile && echo "Hey! No differences, magic"
cd ../..
svnadmin dump ~/.svk/foo > svk-merge.dump
svk co -d foo
rm -rf foo
svk depotmap -d /foo/
rm -rf ~/.svk/foo