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# Copyright (c) 2007 Eric Wong
# Don't run this test by default unless the user really wants it
# I don't like the idea of taking a port and possibly leaving a
# daemon running on a users system if the test fails.
# Not all git users will need to interact with SVN.
test_description='git svn dcommit new files over svn:// test'
. ./
test_expect_success 'start tracking an empty repo' '
svn_cmd mkdir -m "empty dir" "$svnrepo"/empty-dir &&
echo "[general]" > "$rawsvnrepo"/conf/svnserve.conf &&
echo anon-access = write >> "$rawsvnrepo"/conf/svnserve.conf &&
start_svnserve &&
git svn init svn://$SVNSERVE_PORT &&
git svn fetch
test_expect_success 'create files in new directory with dcommit' "
mkdir git-new-dir &&
echo hello > git-new-dir/world &&
git update-index --add git-new-dir/world &&
git commit -m hello &&
start_svnserve &&
git svn dcommit