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# Copyright (c) 2009 Robert Allan Zeh
test_description='git svn gc basic tests'
. ./
test_expect_success 'setup directories and test repo' '
mkdir import &&
mkdir tmp &&
echo "Sample text for Subversion repository." > import/test.txt &&
svn_cmd import -m "import for git svn" import "$svnrepo" > /dev/null
test_expect_success 'checkout working copy from svn' \
'svn_cmd co "$svnrepo" test_wc'
test_expect_success 'set some properties to create an unhandled.log file' '
cd test_wc &&
svn_cmd propset foo bar test.txt &&
svn_cmd commit -m "property set"
test_expect_success 'Setup repo' 'git svn init "$svnrepo"'
test_expect_success 'Fetch repo' 'git svn fetch'
test_expect_success 'make backup copy of unhandled.log' '
cp .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/unhandled.log tmp
test_expect_success 'create leftover index' '> .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/index'
test_expect_success 'git svn gc runs' 'git svn gc'
test_expect_success 'git svn index removed' '! test -f .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/index'
if test -r .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/unhandled.log.gz
test_expect_success 'git svn gc produces a valid gzip file' '
gunzip .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/unhandled.log.gz
test_expect_success 'git svn gc does not change unhandled.log files' '
test_cmp .git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/unhandled.log tmp/unhandled.log