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#include "builtin.h"
#include "cache.h"
#include "refs.h"
#include "parse-options.h"
static const char * const git_symbolic_ref_usage[] = {
N_("git symbolic-ref [options] name [ref]"),
N_("git symbolic-ref -d [-q] name"),
static int check_symref(const char *HEAD, int quiet, int shorten, int print)
unsigned char sha1[20];
int flag;
const char *refname = resolve_ref_unsafe(HEAD, sha1, 0, &flag);
if (!refname)
die("No such ref: %s", HEAD);
else if (!(flag & REF_ISSYMREF)) {
if (!quiet)
die("ref %s is not a symbolic ref", HEAD);
return 1;
if (print) {
if (shorten)
refname = shorten_unambiguous_ref(refname, 0);
return 0;
int cmd_symbolic_ref(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
int quiet = 0, delete = 0, shorten = 0, ret = 0;
const char *msg = NULL;
struct option options[] = {
N_("suppress error message for non-symbolic (detached) refs")),
OPT_BOOL('d', "delete", &delete, N_("delete symbolic ref")),
OPT_BOOL(0, "short", &shorten, N_("shorten ref output")),
OPT_STRING('m', NULL, &msg, N_("reason"), N_("reason of the update")),
git_config(git_default_config, NULL);
argc = parse_options(argc, argv, prefix, options,
git_symbolic_ref_usage, 0);
if (msg &&!*msg)
die("Refusing to perform update with empty message");
if (delete) {
if (argc != 1)
usage_with_options(git_symbolic_ref_usage, options);
ret = check_symref(argv[0], 1, 0, 0);
if (ret)
die("Cannot delete %s, not a symbolic ref", argv[0]);
return delete_ref(argv[0], NULL, REF_NODEREF);
switch (argc) {
case 1:
ret = check_symref(argv[0], quiet, shorten, 1);
case 2:
if (!strcmp(argv[0], "HEAD") &&
prefixcmp(argv[1], "refs/"))
die("Refusing to point HEAD outside of refs/");
create_symref(argv[0], argv[1], msg);
usage_with_options(git_symbolic_ref_usage, options);
return ret;