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# Copyright (C) 2005 Rene Scharfe
test_description='git tar-tree and git get-tar-commit-id test
This test covers the topics of file contents, commit date handling and
commit id embedding:
The contents of the repository is compared to the extracted tar
archive. The repository contains simple text files, symlinks and a
binary file (/bin/sh). Only paths shorter than 99 characters are
git tar-tree applies the commit date to every file in the archive it
creates. The test sets the commit date to a specific value and checks
if the tar archive contains that value.
When giving git tar-tree a commit id (in contrast to a tree id) it
embeds this commit id into the tar archive as a comment. The test
checks the ability of git get-tar-commit-id to figure it out from the
tar file.
. ./
GUNZIP=${GUNZIP:-gzip -d}
test_lazy_prereq TAR_NEEDS_PAX_FALLBACK '
mkdir pax &&
cd pax &&
"$TAR" xf "$TEST_DIRECTORY"/t5000/pax.tar &&
test -f PaxHeaders.1791/file
get_pax_header() {
while read len rest
if test "$len" = $(echo "$len $rest" | wc -c)
case "$rest" in
echo "${rest#$header}"
done <"$file"
check_tar() {
test_expect_success ' extract tar archive' '
(mkdir $dir && cd $dir && "$TAR" xf -) <$tarfile
test_expect_success TAR_NEEDS_PAX_FALLBACK ' interpret pax headers' '
cd $dir &&
for header in *.paxheader
data=${header%.paxheader}.data &&
if test -h $data -o -e $data
path=$(get_pax_header $header path) &&
if test -n "$path"
mv "$data" "$path"
test_expect_success ' validate filenames' '
(cd ${dir_with_prefix}a && find .) | sort >$listfile &&
test_cmp a.lst $listfile
test_expect_success ' validate file contents' '
diff -r a ${dir_with_prefix}a
test_expect_success \
'populate workdir' \
'mkdir a &&
echo simple textfile >a/a &&
ten=0123456789 && hundred=$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten$ten &&
echo long filename >a/four$hundred &&
mkdir a/bin &&
cp /bin/sh a/bin &&
printf "A\$Format:%s\$O" "$SUBSTFORMAT" >a/substfile1 &&
printf "A not substituted O" >a/substfile2 &&
if test_have_prereq SYMLINKS; then
ln -s a a/l1
printf %s a > a/l1
fi &&
(p=long_path_to_a_file && cd a &&
for depth in 1 2 3 4 5; do mkdir $p && cd $p; done &&
echo text >file_with_long_path) &&
(cd a && find .) | sort >a.lst'
test_expect_success \
'add ignored file' \
'echo ignore me >a/ignored &&
echo ignored export-ignore >.git/info/attributes'
test_expect_success \
'add files to repository' \
'find a -type f | xargs git update-index --add &&
find a -type l | xargs git update-index --add &&
treeid=`git write-tree` &&
echo $treeid >treeid &&
git update-ref HEAD $(TZ=GMT GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="2005-05-27 22:00:00" \
git commit-tree $treeid </dev/null)'
test_expect_success 'setup export-subst' '
echo "substfile?" export-subst >>.git/info/attributes &&
git log --max-count=1 "--pretty=format:A${SUBSTFORMAT}O" HEAD \
test_expect_success \
'create bare clone' \
'git clone --bare . bare.git &&
cp .git/info/attributes bare.git/info/attributes'
test_expect_success \
'remove ignored file' \
'rm a/ignored'
test_expect_success \
'git archive' \
'git archive HEAD >b.tar'
check_tar b
test_expect_success 'git archive --prefix=prefix/' '
git archive --prefix=prefix/ HEAD >with_prefix.tar
check_tar with_prefix prefix/
test_expect_success 'git-archive --prefix=olde-' '
git archive --prefix=olde- HEAD >with_olde-prefix.tar
check_tar with_olde-prefix olde-
test_expect_success 'git archive on large files' '
test_config core.bigfilethreshold 1 &&
git archive HEAD >b3.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar b3.tar
test_expect_success \
'git archive in a bare repo' \
'(cd bare.git && git archive HEAD) >b3.tar'
test_expect_success \
'git archive vs. the same in a bare repo' \
'test_cmp b.tar b3.tar'
test_expect_success 'git archive with --output' \
'git archive --output=b4.tar HEAD &&
test_cmp b.tar b4.tar'
test_expect_success 'git archive --remote' \
'git archive --remote=. HEAD >b5.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar b5.tar'
test_expect_success \
'validate file modification time' \
'mkdir extract &&
"$TAR" xf b.tar -C extract a/a &&
test-chmtime -v +0 extract/a/a |cut -f 1 >b.mtime &&
echo "1117231200" >expected.mtime &&
test_cmp expected.mtime b.mtime'
test_expect_success \
'git get-tar-commit-id' \
'git get-tar-commit-id <b.tar >b.commitid &&
test_cmp .git/$(git symbolic-ref HEAD) b.commitid'
test_expect_success 'git tar-tree' '
git tar-tree HEAD >tar-tree.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar tar-tree.tar
test_expect_success 'git tar-tree with prefix' '
git tar-tree HEAD prefix >tar-tree_with_prefix.tar &&
test_cmp with_prefix.tar tar-tree_with_prefix.tar
test_expect_success 'git archive with --output, override inferred format' '
git archive --format=tar HEAD &&
test_cmp b.tar
test_expect_success \
'git archive --list outside of a git repo' \
'GIT_DIR=some/non-existing/directory git archive --list'
test_expect_success 'clients cannot access unreachable commits' '
test_commit unreachable &&
sha1=`git rev-parse HEAD` &&
git reset --hard HEAD^ &&
git archive $sha1 >remote.tar &&
test_must_fail git archive --remote=. $sha1 >remote.tar
test_expect_success 'setup tar filters' '
git config "tr ab ba" &&
git config "tr ab ba" &&
git config true &&
git config tar.invalid baz
test_expect_success 'archive --list mentions user filter' '
git archive --list >output &&
grep "^tar\.foo\$" output &&
grep "^bar\$" output
test_expect_success 'archive --list shows only enabled remote filters' '
git archive --list --remote=. >output &&
! grep "^tar\.foo\$" output &&
grep "^bar\$" output
test_expect_success 'invoke tar filter by format' '
git archive HEAD > &&
tr ab ba < >config.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar config.tar &&
git archive --format=bar HEAD > &&
tr ab ba < >config.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar config.tar
test_expect_success 'invoke tar filter by extension' '
git archive -o HEAD &&
test_cmp &&
git archive -o HEAD &&
test_expect_success 'default output format remains tar' '
git archive -o config-implicit.baz HEAD &&
test_cmp b.tar config-implicit.baz
test_expect_success 'extension matching requires dot' '
git archive -o HEAD &&
test_cmp b.tar
test_expect_success 'only enabled filters are available remotely' '
test_must_fail git archive --remote=. HEAD \
> &&
git archive --remote=. --format=bar > HEAD &&
if $GZIP --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then
test_set_prereq GZIP
say "Skipping some tar.gz tests because gzip not found"
test_expect_success GZIP 'git archive --format=tgz' '
git archive --format=tgz HEAD >j.tgz
test_expect_success GZIP 'git archive --format=tar.gz' '
git archive --format=tar.gz HEAD >j1.tar.gz &&
test_cmp j.tgz j1.tar.gz
test_expect_success GZIP 'infer tgz from .tgz filename' '
git archive --output=j2.tgz HEAD &&
test_cmp j.tgz j2.tgz
test_expect_success GZIP 'infer tgz from .tar.gz filename' '
git archive --output=j3.tar.gz HEAD &&
test_cmp j.tgz j3.tar.gz
if $GUNZIP --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then
test_set_prereq GUNZIP
say "Skipping some tar.gz tests because gunzip was not found"
test_expect_success GZIP,GUNZIP 'extract tgz file' '
$GUNZIP -c <j.tgz >j.tar &&
test_cmp b.tar j.tar
test_expect_success GZIP 'remote tar.gz is allowed by default' '
git archive --remote=. --format=tar.gz HEAD >remote.tar.gz &&
test_cmp j.tgz remote.tar.gz
test_expect_success GZIP 'remote tar.gz can be disabled' '
git config tar.tar.gz.remote false &&
test_must_fail git archive --remote=. --format=tar.gz HEAD \