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. ./
configure_help () {
test_config help.format html &&
# Unless the path has "://" in it, Git tries to make sure
# the documentation directory locally exists. Avoid it as
# we are only interested in seeing an attempt to correctly
# invoke a help browser in this test.
test_config help.htmlpath test://html &&
# Name a custom browser
test_config browser.test.cmd ./test-browser &&
test_config help.browser test
test_expect_success "setup" '
# Just write out which page gets requested
write_script test-browser <<-\EOF
echo "$*" >test-browser.log
test_expect_success "works for commands and guides by default" '
configure_help &&
git help status &&
echo "test://html/git-status.html" >expect &&
test_cmp expect test-browser.log &&
git help revisions &&
echo "test://html/gitrevisions.html" >expect &&
test_cmp expect test-browser.log
test_expect_success "--exclude-guides does not work for guides" '
>test-browser.log &&
test_must_fail git help --exclude-guides revisions &&
test_must_be_empty test-browser.log
test_expect_success "--help does not work for guides" "
cat <<-EOF >expect &&
git: 'revisions' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
test_must_fail git revisions --help 2>actual &&
test_i18ncmp expect actual