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test_description='miscellaneous rev-list tests'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
echo content1 >wanted_file &&
echo content2 >unwanted_file &&
git add wanted_file unwanted_file &&
git commit -m one
test_expect_success 'rev-list --objects heeds pathspecs' '
git rev-list --objects HEAD -- wanted_file >output &&
grep wanted_file output &&
! grep unwanted_file output
test_expect_success 'rev-list --objects with pathspecs and deeper paths' '
mkdir foo &&
>foo/file &&
git add foo/file &&
git commit -m two &&
git rev-list --objects HEAD -- foo >output &&
grep foo/file output &&
git rev-list --objects HEAD -- foo/file >output &&
grep foo/file output &&
! grep unwanted_file output
test_expect_success 'rev-list --objects with pathspecs and copied files' '
git checkout --orphan junio-testcase &&
git rm -rf . &&
mkdir two &&
echo frotz >one &&
cp one two/three &&
git add one two/three &&
test_tick &&
git commit -m that &&
ONE=$(git rev-parse HEAD:one) &&
git rev-list --objects HEAD two >output &&
grep "$ONE two/three" output &&
! grep one output
test_expect_success 'rev-list A..B and rev-list ^A B are the same' '
git commit --allow-empty -m another &&
git tag -a -m "annotated" v1.0 &&
git rev-list --objects ^v1.0^ v1.0 >expect &&
git rev-list --objects v1.0^..v1.0 >actual &&
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'propagate uninteresting flag down correctly' '
git rev-list --objects ^HEAD^{tree} HEAD^{tree} >actual &&
>expect &&
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'symleft flag bit is propagated down from tag' '
git log --format="%m %s" --left-right v1.0...master >actual &&
cat >expect <<-\EOF &&
> two
> one
< another
< that
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'rev-list can show index objects' '
# Of the blobs and trees in the index, note:
# - we do not show two/three, because it is the
# same blob as "one", and we show objects only once
# - we do show the tree "two", because it has a valid cache tree
# from the last commit
# - we do not show the root tree; since we updated the index, it
# does not have a valid cache tree
cat >expect <<-\EOF &&
8e4020bb5a8d8c873b25de15933e75cc0fc275df one
d9d3a7417b9605cfd88ee6306b28dadc29e6ab08 only-in-index
9200b628cf9dc883a85a7abc8d6e6730baee589c two
echo only-in-index >only-in-index &&
git add only-in-index &&
git rev-list --objects --indexed-objects >actual &&
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success '--bisect and --first-parent can not be combined' '
test_must_fail git rev-list --bisect --first-parent HEAD
test_expect_success '--header shows a NUL after each commit' '
# We know that there is no Q in the true payload; names and
# addresses of the authors and the committers do not have
# any, and object names or header names do not, either.
git rev-list --header --max-count=2 HEAD |
nul_to_q |
grep "^Q" >actual &&
cat >expect <<-EOF &&
Q$(git rev-parse HEAD~1)
test_cmp expect actual