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# Build and test Git in a 32-bit environment
# Usage:
# [host-user-id]
# Update packages to the latest available versions
linux32 --32bit i386 sh -c '
apt update >/dev/null &&
apt install -y build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev \
libexpat-dev gettext python >/dev/null
' &&
# If this script runs inside a docker container, then all commands are
# usually executed as root. Consequently, the host user might not be
# able to access the test output files.
# If a host user id is given, then create a user "ci" with the host user
# id to make everything accessible to the host user.
HOST_UID=$1 &&
test -z $HOST_UID || (CI_USER="ci" && useradd -u $HOST_UID $CI_USER) &&
# Build and test
linux32 --32bit i386 su -m -l $CI_USER -c '
cd /usr/src/git &&
make --jobs=2 &&
make --quiet test