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#ifndef REF_FILTER_H
#define REF_FILTER_H
#include "sha1-array.h"
#include "refs.h"
#include "commit.h"
#include "parse-options.h"
/* Quoting styles */
#define QUOTE_NONE 0
#define QUOTE_SHELL 1
#define QUOTE_PERL 2
#define QUOTE_PYTHON 4
#define QUOTE_TCL 8
#define FILTER_REFS_ALL 0x2
struct atom_value {
const char *s;
unsigned long ul; /* used for sorting when not FIELD_STR */
struct ref_sorting {
struct ref_sorting *next;
int atom; /* index into used_atom array (internal) */
unsigned reverse : 1;
struct ref_array_item {
unsigned char objectname[20];
int flag;
const char *symref;
struct atom_value *value;
char refname[FLEX_ARRAY];
struct ref_array {
int nr, alloc;
struct ref_array_item **items;
struct ref_filter {
const char **name_patterns;
struct ref_filter_cbdata {
struct ref_array *array;
struct ref_filter *filter;
* API for filtering a set of refs. Based on the type of refs the user
* has requested, we iterate through those refs and apply filters
* as per the given ref_filter structure and finally store the
* filtered refs in the ref_array structure.
int filter_refs(struct ref_array *array, struct ref_filter *filter, unsigned int type);
/* Clear all memory allocated to ref_array */
void ref_array_clear(struct ref_array *array);
/* Parse format string and sort specifiers */
int parse_ref_filter_atom(const char *atom, const char *ep);
/* Used to verify if the given format is correct and to parse out the used atoms */
int verify_ref_format(const char *format);
/* Sort the given ref_array as per the ref_sorting provided */
void ref_array_sort(struct ref_sorting *sort, struct ref_array *array);
/* Print the ref using the given format and quote_style */
void show_ref_array_item(struct ref_array_item *info, const char *format, int quote_style);
/* Callback function for parsing the sort option */
int parse_opt_ref_sorting(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset);
/* Default sort option based on refname */
struct ref_sorting *ref_default_sorting(void);
#endif /* REF_FILTER_H */