Git 2.7.1

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+Git v2.7.1 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.7
+ * An earlier change in 2.5.x-era broke users' hooks and aliases by
+   exporting GIT_WORK_TREE to point at the root of the working tree,
+   interfering when they tried to use a different working tree without
+   setting GIT_WORK_TREE environment themselves.
+ * The "exclude_list" structure has the usual "alloc, nr" pair of
+   fields to be used by ALLOC_GROW(), but clear_exclude_list() forgot
+   to reset 'alloc' to 0 when it cleared 'nr' to discard the managed
+   array.
+ * "git send-email" was confused by escaped quotes stored in the alias
+   files saved by "mutt", which has been corrected.
+ * A few unportable C construct have been spotted by clang compiler
+   and have been fixed.
+ * The documentation has been updated to hint the connection between
+   the '--signoff' option and DCO.
+ * "git reflog" incorrectly assumed that all objects that used to be
+   at the tip of a ref must be commits, which caused it to segfault.
+ * The ignore mechanism saw a few regressions around untracked file
+   listing and sparse checkout selection areas in 2.7.0; the change
+   that is responsible for the regression has been reverted.
+ * Some codepaths used fopen(3) when opening a fixed path in $GIT_DIR
+   (e.g. COMMIT_EDITMSG) that is meant to be left after the command is
+   done.  This however did not work well if the repository is set to
+   be shared with core.sharedRepository and the umask of the previous
+   user is tighter.  They have been made to work better by calling
+   unlink(2) and retrying after fopen(3) fails with EPERM.
+ * Asking gitweb for a nonexistent commit left a warning in the server
+   log.
+ * "git rebase", unlike all other callers of "gc --auto", did not
+   ignore the exit code from "gc --auto".
+ * Many codepaths that run "gc --auto" before exiting kept packfiles
+   mapped and left the file descriptors to them open, which was not
+   friendly to systems that cannot remove files that are open.  They
+   now close the packs before doing so.
+ * A recent optimization to filter-branch in v2.7.0 introduced a
+   regression when --prune-empty filter is used, which has been
+   corrected.
+ * The description for SANITY prerequisite the test suite uses has
+   been clarified both in the comment and in the implementation.
+ * "git tag" started listing a tag "foo" as "tags/foo" when a branch
+   named "foo" exists in the same repository; remove this unnecessary
+   disambiguation, which is a regression introduced in v2.7.0.
+ * The way "git svn" uses auth parameter was broken by Subversion
+   1.9.0 and later.
+ * The "split" subcommand of "git subtree" (in contrib/) incorrectly
+   skipped merges when it shouldn't, which was corrected.
+ * A few options of "git diff" did not work well when the command was
+   run from a subdirectory.
+ * dirname() emulation has been added, as Msys2 lacks it.
+ * The underlying machinery used by "ls-files -o" and other commands
+   have been taught not to create empty submodule ref cache for a
+   directory that is not a submodule.  This removes a ton of wasted
+   CPU cycles.
+ * Drop a few old "todo" items by deciding that the change one of them
+   suggests is not such a good idea, and doing the change the other
+   one suggested to do.
+ * Documentation for "git fetch --depth" has been updated for clarity.
+ * The command line completion learned a handful of additional options
+   and command specific syntax.
+Also includes a handful of documentation and test updates.
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 branch of the `git.git` repository.
 Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v2.7.0/git.html[documentation for release 2.7]
+* link:v2.7.1/git.html[documentation for release 2.7.1]
 * release notes for
+  link:RelNotes/2.7.1.txt[2.7.1],
 * link:v2.6.5/git.html[documentation for release 2.6.5]
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