internal/testutil: add a gRPC interceptor for header enforcement

This CL adds a helper to testutil that implements
gRPC UnaryInterceptor and gRPC StreamInterceptor
that when added a gRPC connection will ensure
that at bare minimum we have the "x-goog-api-client"
header for every outgoing connection.

Once this CL is merged, we can add the same to all the other
integration tests for code that uses gRPC connections.

pubsub could not be updated because it has its go-modules
specification that uses "" v0.45.1 yet
this change requires cutting a new release. However, the
exact changes can be retrieved from patchset 12 at

Fixes #1555.
Updates #1556 -- only the gRPC part.
Fixes #1557.
Fixes #1558.
Fixes #1559.

Change-Id: If368ea437b816c3e47c90cdcd3504908e880fa0d
Reviewed-by: Jean de Klerk <>
9 files changed
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  8. automl/
  9. bigquery/
  10. bigtable/
  11. civil/
  12. cloudtasks/
  13. cmd/
  14. compute/
  15. container/
  16. containeranalysis/
  17. dataproc/
  18. datastore/
  19. debugger/
  20. dialogflow/
  21. dlp/
  22. doc.go
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  24. examples_test.go
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  35. irm/
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  39. license_test.go
  40. logging/
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Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go


Go packages for Google Cloud Platform services.

import ""

To install the packages on your system, do not clone the repo. Instead use

$ go get -u

NOTE: Some of these packages are under development, and may occasionally make backwards-incompatible changes.

NOTE: Github repo is a mirror of

Supported APIs

Google APIStatusPackage
Data Loss
Text To

Alpha status: the API is still being actively developed. As a result, it might change in backward-incompatible ways and is not recommended for production use.

Beta status: the API is largely complete, but still has outstanding features and bugs to be addressed. There may be minor backwards-incompatible changes where necessary.

Stable status: the API is mature and ready for production use. We will continue addressing bugs and feature requests.

Documentation and examples are available at

Go Versions Supported

We support the two most recent major versions of Go. If Google App Engine uses an older version, we support that as well.


By default, each API will use Google Application Default Credentials for authorization credentials used in calling the API endpoints. This will allow your application to run in many environments without requiring explicit configuration.

client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx)

To authorize using a JSON key file, pass option.WithCredentialsFile to the NewClient function of the desired package. For example:

client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx, option.WithCredentialsFile("path/to/keyfile.json"))

You can exert more control over authorization by using the package to create an oauth2.TokenSource. Then pass option.WithTokenSource to the NewClient function: snip:# (auth-ts)

tokenSource := ...
client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx, option.WithTokenSource(tokenSource))


Contributions are welcome. Please, see the CONTRIBUTING document for details. We‘re using Gerrit for our code reviews. Please don’t open pull requests against this repo, new pull requests will be automatically closed.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. See Contributor Code of Conduct for more information.